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About Volsted Distillery

Volsted Distillery is a world class micro distillery located just south of Aalborg in the northern part of Denmark. The estate of the distillery is beautifully located in the Lindenborg river valley where nature tranquillity and silence inspire us to make great tasting spirits using only the very best and carefully selected ingredients.

Water is a very important part of making great tasting spirits both for maceration, distilling and mixing with the final product. Volsted Distillery is blessed with having its own well where the purest spring water is collected from the underground deep beneath a drumlin formed by glaciers called “Storbjerg”. The unique quality and taste of the water contributes greatly to the flavour profiles in our spirits.

Founder, Thorbjoern Ravn Kaagaard has utilised his background in process engineering and schnapps making to move into the field of distilling and gin production. It has truly been a dream come through to design and build both the still the production premises and developing the recipes from scratch to be able to supply customers and fellow gin enthusiast with great tasting spirits. All our gin is distilled on a 100 litre still of our own design, using pot and vapor infusion techniques and bottled and labelled by hand.

“We strive to do our utmost in every part of the process, every time and every day and strongly believe that this care and love can be tasted in our spirits”
- Thorbjoern Ravn Kaagaard, Founder of Volsted Distillery